Meet the Dragons

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Meet the Pitching Companies



E+Press is an app for a non- verbal method of contacting the emergency services. Highly visual and uncomplicated, the app will improve information accuracy for both the caller and call handler. Designed for Deaf and those with speech impediments, the app also benefits anyone with breathing difficulties, allergies or those in situations of domestic abuse. The app will promote inclusivity and transform the delivery of emergency services.

Food Safe System


Da.Re Ltd is an IT company specialising in the development of  Food Safe System. Food Safe System is the only App based service with the specific aim of helping food related businesses meet government mandated regulatory and compliance procedures.

Automated data collection is achieved via wireless connected sensors where possible, with the remaining data entered manually on a smartphone or tablet. Food Safe System is sold on a software as a service (SaaS)  model and market validation has highlighted significant interest both nationally and internationally.

The Food Safe System App is due to be released on the Apple App within days. System trials have been agreed with one of Northern Ireland’s premium hotel, restaurant and bar operators and with 3 of Northern Ireland’s Colleges of Further Education Catering departments.

Company founder, Neil Bradley, has a background of 25 years as a chef. Through his work as a chef and restaurateur, it became apparent that the form filling and monitoring of the health and safety requirements of food filling could be improved and automated; as a result Food Safe System was developed.


Holy Candle App


The Holy Candle App will provide an easy to use platform allowing users to light a candle in one of several iconic churches around the globe.  The recipient will receive immediate notification with a personal message, and a lighted symbol will also appear on their smart device.

I hope my App will encourage people to extend support to friends and family during hard times and for recipients to gain strength from that support that will help them through their hard times.



Péarlaí provides shopping centres & high street retailers with real time tracking through smart ID’s of individual customer journeys through their physical stores, enabling highly targeted, relevant and timely promotional and advertising capabilities. Péarlaí’s ID’s are the only multi-functional ID’s in the world that consumers can add payment features too, additional loyalty card details and IOT activation features.

Furthermore, through sophisticated innovative data analytics Péarlaí will capture customers data via various hardware (ID’s / kiosks) data capturing devices. Péarlaí can correlate statistically significant economic data and with a high level of confidence profile specific customers and shopping habits over a period of short and medium runs. Péarlaí’s vision is to become the market leader in retail analytics and real time marketing for bricks and mortar retailers.





Would you like to be part of a technology solution that could put £150 million back into the NHS/year and connect hospital departments to enable sharing of patient data? Trimedika™ Ltd. is the only EU manufacturer of a non-touch, handheld clinical thermometer that will connect hospital departments and minimise hospital borne infections.

Achievements so far

– Working CNC sample of first device
– Ready to sign off the tooling for a fully CE marked device in March 2017.
– 20 international distributors interested in selling the device
– Ownership of Trimedika Trademark and device design rights


– Year 1 unit sales are projected at 10,000units, equating to 30 hospital customers delivering revenue of £1.17 million. (gross profit 83%)
– Exit strategy to sell to large competitors after Year 3