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Belfast International Homecoming 2021
4th November 2021
The Green Edition.

Belfast International Homecoming will take place during COP26 and takes as its sole theme the climate emergency and the need for a transition to a green economy and society. It will be a hybrid event.

We will bring our global diaspora ‘home’ to Belfast (physically and virtually) to talk about how the organisations and institutions they represent are reducing their carbon emissions and making the journey towards net zero in a way which is just and inclusive.

Our guests will join local leaders form the community sector who are trailblazing the green agenda, promoting awareness of the environment, clearing up our rivers and coastlines, encouraging cycling and walking, and advocating for a more sustainable future from the grassroots.

They will also hear from the business champions who are creating green-collar jobs while reducing reliance on fossil fuels whether through splitting water to create hydrogen fuel, rolling out solar and wind energy solutions, retrofitting homes at scale, or manufacturing hydrogen-fuelled buses or electric ships.

  • Attendees must be fully vaccinated to attend all Homecoming events. Proof of vaccination will be requested upon entry.
  • Attendee numbers for the conference are capped at 100
  • Attendee numbers for the banquet are capped at 200




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