29th August 2019

Giancarlo Di Vece Bio

Giancarlo Di Vece

Portland, Oregon / Guadalajara, Mexico.

As President and CEO of Unosquare, Giancarlo Di Vece believes software engineering and success in business can be used to actively and positively impact the community. His vision is one of a smaller more connected world and he actively works on bringing opportunities closer to every community where his company operates. This refreshing viewpoint, along with his leadership and passion for technology, globalization, and IT recruitment talent, has led to thousands of business projects successfully completing their digital transformation initiatives with Unosquare in creative and pioneering ways.

Giancarlo focuses his organization’s efforts on the financial services and life sciences space, as he trusts that these are the organizations that impact the way people live and interact with one another every day. Under Giancarlo’s direction, he and his team actively seek the best talent and then places them into processes and practices for distributed agile augmentation. With over 600 distributed staff this is the future of collaboration.

Always looking for a challenge, Giancarlo started gainfully buying and growing businesses at a young age. At the age of 21, he purchased a small craft company dedicated to the North American market and transformed it into a 100-person operation selling to some of the largest retailers in the US. In 2013, with a background in industrial engineering, he decided to move into the technology industry by joining Unosquare and quickly embraced his role of transforming the organization to align with client needs.

By caring about the community, its people, and the future of inclusive business, Unosquare has been named one of the 100 fastest-growing private businesses in Oregon for five years in a row and one of the fastest-growing US companies on the Inc. 5000 list for five years running also, an achievement only companies of the likes of Microsoft and Oracle have seen in their history. Giancarlo’s enthusiasm and contributions have been sought out as inspiration for others, and he is often invited to write and speak on the topics that influence the industry.

What, for you, is the importance of our global diaspora and how do you contribute to its success?
This is a magnificent event. Like it suggests through its slogan, it is about’ being the bridge’. The essence of bringing the success of people that deeply care about Belfast into an event to share their life experiences over a few days is nothing short of cultivating, empowering and outright fantastic. I believe I am able to garner incredibly diverse points of view from multiple geographies and to promote the positive transformation of Belfast through that experience.

Tell us how you connect to Belfast:
Belfast made a life changing impression on me three years ago, when I first visited. I could deeply connect to its challenges in economic development, its new-found services industry engine, and some of the most wonderful people in the planet. Me and my brother made the decision to invest in Belfast when we first saw the city and met its people. I have made a promise to promote inclusive development for this community over the long term – in its winters and its summers.

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