11th September 2019

Lorraine Ella Turner Bio

Lorraine Ella Turner

New York

A native of Merseyside, England, Lorraine Turner currently heads up the Northern Ireland Bureau’s New York office. Prior to joining the Northern Ireland Bureau, Lorraine played a vital role in the peace process, working for the British Consulate in New York as the Northern Ireland Press and Public Affairs Officer.
During her career in NYC, Lorraine has been a welcome friend to both the British and Irish communities and played a pivotal role in making sure that both communities were given access to the highest levels of government and business leaders in the lead up to the establishment of the new Stormont executive.
In her current position as the head of the Northern Ireland Bureau in New York, she has worked tirelessly to maintain and strengthen the relationships developed during the peace process, hosting both business and political leaders in New York and securing support for the new Northern Ireland.
Lorraine was awarded an MBE in 2004 list her services to the Northern Ireland peace process.

What, for you, is the importance of our global diaspora and how do you contribute to its success?
At the Northern Ireland Bureau, we work to cultivate and strengthen links between various political, economic, educational, and cultural interests. Whenever we call out, the diaspora answers, from the White House to Wall Street, to Glucksman House New York University and Broadway. There is always a door I can knock on that opens.

I have the privilege of representing the Northern Ireland Executive in New York. So, I am in a unique position to see on a daily basis the power of your global diaspora. During my time in New York I have worked diligently to cultivate these relationships, and this has been one of the most rewarding professional experiences of my career.
Tell us how you connect to Belfast:
The greatest thing that connects me to Belfast is the people. They are true and they are real. I see so many similarities to my home city of Liverpool. Both port cities with people that are warm, friendly, cocky, smart and loyal. We have grit, determination and great backbone. Nothing can keep us down.

You know you’ve got Belfast heritage when…:
Your favourite sandwich is a buttered bap with a bag of Tayto

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