8th October 2019


Belfast Homecoming

We are keen to organise one on one meeting for our Homecoming guests. Please see below the connection they are hoping to build and contact us to be connected.
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I am attending the Belfast Homecoming 2019 as a representative of two organisations and so have varied interests in its output. I am the Vice President of the South Australian Chapter of the Irish Australian Chamber of Commerce and interested in making connections with professionals in industry and commerce. The IACC is the Kindred Network. It is an Australia-wide organisation and also has a Chapter in Dublin. Please speak with me if you have any interest in exporting, importing or working in Australia and I will do my best to make relevant connections for you.

I am also a migration researcher at the Hugo Centre for Migration and Population Research, University of Adelaide and my main topic is the Irish and Northern Irish diaspora. My doctoral thesis focused on contemporary Irish migrants to Australia, Australia’s immigration system and its underlying policy, settlement processes, mental health and social media as a platform for support in the migration process. Current research interests include international and regional migration, diaspora and cultural identity.

Fidelma Breen

Fidelma Breen

Migration and Population Research
University of Adelaide


Companies that would like to participate in Invested Belfast. Maybe share their current Social responsibility initiative and see if they would like to share those with the broader group, etc.

Companies in Europe (or locally) that would need services. While we have 600 engineers globally – we have 61 clients in the US, but literally none active in Europe – so it would be great to have our first client here!


Giancarlo Di Vece

President and CEO



My business is focused on three areas: Executive Coaching, Business Coaching and Leadership Development. While our clients go across a broad range of industries and geography, we have a speciality in helping large organizations, small businesses and individuals navigate significant change.

My focus for the conference is three-fold:
– Learn more about the changing Belfast economic landscape
– Identify interesting partnership opportunities for my clients
– Discuss business coaching and leadership development opportunities and inform on effective business and leadership practices

James Frawley

James Frawley

Frawley Coaching and Consulting.


I’m always interested in Northern Irish companies looking to raise their profile in the U.S., NI organizations that want to attract U.S. interest either by being better known here to help attract inbound investment or to attract U.S. visitors for tourism or business travel.

I’m also interested in connecting with a good PR agency in Belfast on the chance we might partner on a project.

And I’ve got an eye on extending the IBO circle further in the North.



John D. Lee

John D. Lee

Executive Director
Goodman Media

New York


I’m mostly focused on technology, especially in the mobile app development space. I’d be interested in connecting with anyone who has software design and development needs, or who is running an agency doing the same in Belfast or the surrounding area who wants to chat about ways we could collaborate on future projects.

Joseph Cieplinski

Joseph Cieplinski

New York


I am very proud to be attending the 2019 Belfast Homecoming as CEO of the London Irish Centre. We are at the end of year one of a four year plan to create a new Irish Heart of London. A 35,000 sqr ft world class community and cultural centre. The project will create outstanding facilities for our advice/outreach/wellness centres and for the best of Irish culture and arts. The Centre is already a thriving commercial centre hosting conferences, weddings and events and our ambition is to be truly world class.

It will be a Centre for the Irish of every generation and affiliation, for anyone with an affinity to the island of Ireland or interest in Ireland and for anyone who wants a fabulous venue in London.

I would love to have a chat if you are interested in finding out more…as a corporate sponsor, as a potential donor or if you are involved in culture or community services here in Northern Ireland or Britain.

Sean Kennedy

Sean Kennedy

London Irish Centre charity



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