10th September 2019

Matthew Thompson Bio

Matthew Thompson


Matthew Thompson is a 24-year old storyteller dedicated to celebrating the ‘New Belfast’ and challenging the negative narratives about Northern Ireland.

His podcast ‘Best Of Belfast’ gives listeners the chance to sit in on hour-long, unfiltered conversations with incredible northern Irish people every Monday morning.

At 18, Matthew left the north ‘forever’ to travel the world before settling in Manhattan — where he met Jaci, a nurse from Germany. In an unexpected turn of events, they got married three years later and moved back to Northern Ireland.

Feeling washed-up and burnt out, he took a job as a bicycle courier with Deliveroo, an experience that radically changed his perspective and relationship with Belfast forever. Cycling through the city streets and mingling with its people, Matthew fell in love with the north and the incredible people in it.

Frustrated with the tabloid culture of local media, he now uses his skills as a copywriter and curious conversationalist to champion the people who call Northern Ireland home.

With 70+ episodes featuring Oscar-winning directors, 91-year old Park-runners, Silicon Valley CEOs, Michelin Star chefs and bearded candle makers, Best Of Belfast showcases Northern Ireland, not as a place of conflict, division or lacking opportunity, but as a land overflowing with immense creativity, talent and potential.

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