5th September 2019

Sean J. Somers Bio

Sean J. Somers

Boston Massachusetts USA

Born in Boston Massachusetts Sean J. Somers has deep roots in the U.S. as well as in Ireland. His father hailing from Co. Kerry and his mother from Boston MA Sean has had the luxury of experiencing life on both sides of the Atlantic. Sean is married to Katherine Somers who he explains is a woman of great dignity and character and someone who has made him a batter man since the day she entered Sean’s life. They have a 1 year old son J.R. Somers who was baptized in May 2019 in the same small village his father grew up in Listowel Co. Kerry. Sean & Kate are happily growing their family and are expecting another child in March. Sean comes from a long lineage of Irish Publican’s going back over 100 years. He is an experienced Entrepreneur, Investor, Advisor, Mentor, and Business Strategist with a demonstrated history of working in the hospitality, technology, and non-profit sectors and winning. The Somers family own and operate the largest Irish Hospitality Group in the Northeast – The Somers Pubs Group.. Outside of the Pubs Sean has ownership interest in Canary Technologies, Keel Vodka, U-Out Boston, & Foundation for a Green Future (a non-profit). Sean sits on the Board at Worcester Academy. From building out Nightlife Venues, Developing and Executing Brand Strategies, to taking Start-Ups to Market with Commanding Success, Sean has seen a lot, done a lot, and is eager to do more. He is passionate about trans Atlantic commerce and his ‘go to market’ style is one that challenges the status quo and motivates winners. Proud to have won with Grassroots Marketing, astounding Brand Identifier & Brand Developer. When asked how he stays out in front he answered: “intense research and vigilant preparedness of the ‘consumer’ in question in all areas both vertical and parallel.” The word ‘Quit’ can not be found in Sean’s vocabulary. His action-centric work philosophy and ‘we’ not ‘me’ approach partners him with dedicated engaged forward thinkers.
Sean’s tank is never empty – always trying to improve and grow. Self-awareness, Custom Service, and Leadership always top of mind for Sean J. Somers.

What, for you, is the importance of our global diaspora and how do you contribute to its success?
"Cherish the diaspora, The men and women of our diaspora represent not simply a series of departures and losses. They remain, even while absent, a precious reflection of our own growth and change, a precious reminder of the many strands of identity which compose our story."-President Mary Robinson. The importance of Diaspóra na nGael to me a man who comes from a country who has had 22 Presidents with Irish ancestral blood and more specifically coming from Boston Massachusetts which boosts the highest percentage of Irish in America the importance is magnificent. I contribute to its succes on multiple levels: Operating the largest Irish Hospitality Group in the Northeast of the United States- The Somers Pubs of Boston. Offering Irish hospitality and providing entertainment direct from Ireland we are showcasing the Irish culture to all those who grace our doors, putting our guests one step closer to visiting Ireland and bolstering Irelands economy. I also work with a Irish Company exporting the world's first environmentally friendly construction equipment, Ecoquipment, again pushing the Irish economy and introducing Irish technology to the commercial construction industry on a international level.

Tell us how you connect to Belfast:
I connect to Belfast on an emotional level. Growing up in Boston, being the sun of a full time musician, and being first generation Irish Belfast meant so much to me. I learned of The Struggles through song and table side discussion. There was always passion associated with the word 'Belfast'. It was in my early twenties when I first met someone from Belfast and saw through their stories I was and always have been and will be part of Belfast.

You know you’ve got Belfast heritage when…:
If you know what Napoleon's Nose looks like!

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