20th May 2019

Wanted: Belfast Young Ambassadors

We are seeking ten Young Ambassadors to represent the very best of Belfast to the outside world.
These local leaders will speak to a positive, progressive, and people-focused city.
They will come from all corners of the city and reflect an increasingly diverse and multi-cultural Belfast.

Our Young Ambassadors will be the face of the Belfast International Homecoming 2019, demonstrating to the diaspora that the future is bright.  Their message to our global family will be clear: Come home to help us rebuild this inspirational city.

Our Belfast Young Ambassadors will have a proven track record of outstanding achievement, despite their young age, and will already be recognised as future leaders.  While we welcome nominations from anyone aged from 18 up, it’s our belief that the successful nominees will have several years of experience under their belts and will have created a substantial body of work in their chosen field.

The Ten Belfast Young Ambassadors will be beacons of endeavour and enterprise and will be already aknowledged as role models for the next generation.

We welcome nominations from a wide variety of fields including entrepreneurship, media, public sector, community endeavour, sport, technology, education, the legal profession and the arts.

Our chosen Ambassadors will have an opportunity to present in our Conference Soapbox Sessions during the Homecoming on a project or initiative they are championing and will receive a 2019 Belfast Ambassador Medal.

The final ten will be selected by a committee of our international honorary chairs.

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Nominee must be 35 or under.

Deadline for nominations is Monday August 5th at 5pm